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The advantages of using BlueTraker Authorized Ports

BlueTraker VMS terminals allow Fisheries Monitoring Centres (FMCs) to track and monitor their fishing fleets wherever they voyage and fish on the sea. However, fishing vessels do not spend all their time on the ocean.

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Hardware Embedded Geozones Vs Software Geozones

Hardware Embedded Geozones enable FMCs to more accurately and precisely monitor vessel activity within Geozones. They are superior to software Geozones as they autonomously update the reporting interval and can report a vessel’s entry/exit of a Geozone to within a few metres of a vessel traversing a Geofence.

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NOVEMBER 2016: BlueTraker on Display on InaMarine, Indonesia

EMA Group's BlueTraker® brand will be officially presented to Indonesia. Inamarine Jakarta 2016 is the most influential and comprehensive event, taking place from 30 November - 2 December 2016 at the Grand City Convex Surabaya, Indonesia.

NOVEMBER 2016: Pacific Marine Expo, USA

Pacific Marine Expo is the largest commercial marine tradeshow on the West Coast, serving commercial mariners from Alaska to California.

More than 450 exhibitors including equipment companies, propulsion, builders, and suppliers and more. Education sessions on marine safety, business management, regulatory issues and technical advancements, and more. Daily events including live demonstrations, the Fisherman of the Year Contest, a taping of Seattle Kitchen, a presentation by the Fisher Poets, and an industry bookstore.


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