Introducing ConBox 2023 LCD: A Revolutionary Wiring Box with Enhanced Design for Fisheries Monitoring

In the ever-evolving world of fisheries monitoring, staying ahead of the curve is essential. With that in mind, we are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated successor to the ConBox 2018 LCD – the ConBox 2023 LCD. Packed with a new and improved design, along with an array of enhanced functionalities, this wiring box sets a new standard in fisheries monitoring applications.

A Comprehensive Solution for Fisheries Monitoring: The ConBox 2023 LCD fulfills two purposes: Firstly, it serves as a wiring box, and secondly, it functions as an alerting and communication hub. As a wiring box it connects the BlueTraker VMS terminal, vessel power supply, other onboard equipment, and sensors. It offers an extensive range of features, including alert triggering, alarming, fishing activity reporting, and two-way communication with the Fisheries Monitoring Centre (FMC). With its state-of-the-art technology and innovative design, the ConBox 2023 LCD takes fisheries monitoring to a whole new level.

Enhanced Design for Easy Access and Durability: One of the standout features of the ConBox 2023 LCD is its new and improved design, which combines enhanced durability with user-friendly features. The housing of the ConBox 2023 LCD has been strengthened to withstand the challenging marine environment. It ensures that the device remains robust and reliable, even in harsh conditions. Additionally, the ConBox 2023 LCD features an angled front panel, providing easier access to controls and ports. This user-friendly design simplifies operation and maintenance, saving valuable time for fishermen.

Clear and Informative Display: The ConBox 2023 LCD boasts a large 3.5" color LCD display that showcases vital information in clear national script. This vibrant screen provides fishermen with crucial details about communication channel status, on-board VMS system status, current geo-location information, power condition, and more. The display is designed to be easily readable, even in bright sunlight, ensuring that fishermen have access to essential data at all times. Moreover, fishermen can customize the display language to suit their preferences.

Enhanced Safety with Alert Button and Messaging Function: The ConBox 2023 LCD incorporates an emergency beacon technology with a messaging function, ensuring prompt distress reporting. In the event of a distress situation or any other assistance required at sea, fishermen can activate the alert (SOS) button. Instantly, the FMC is alerted and receives regular reports on vessel position, speed, and heading, enabling efficient coordination of response to distress.

Intuitive Multifunction Buttons: The ConBox 2023 LCD features multifunction buttons that enable easy navigation and interaction. These buttons serve various purposes, such as selecting modes, scrolling, confirming actions, and more. For instance, fishermen can activate the fishing mode when the vessel begins fishing and deactivate it when fishing activities conclude. Similarly, the port mode can be activated when the vessel enters the port. These intuitive buttons enhance the user experience and streamline operations.

Backlit Color LCD Display: With its high brightness and sunlight-readable 3.5" color LCD display, the ConBox 2023 LCD ensures optimal visibility in all conditions. The backlit display allows fishermen to view important information at a glance, including VMS status (fishing/port/service), SAT/GPS signal status, vessel location (GPS coordinates), FMC messages, and alert messages such as geo-zone breaches. This comprehensive display empowers fishermen with real-time data to make informed decisions.

Multifunctional Power Indicator: The ConBox 2023 LCD is equipped with a multifunctional power indicator that provides visual feedback on the power supply state and the connection between the BlueTraker® VMS terminal and the ConBox 2023 unit. This indicator ensures that fishermen have immediate visibility into the operational status of their equipment, enabling proactive maintenance and troubleshooting.

Localization for Ease of Use: Understanding the importance of localized solutions, the ConBox 2023 LCD offers front panel labels in the local language. This feature ensures that fishermen can effortlessly navigate and understand the device's functionalities. Additionally, the screen prompts and text messages can be displayed in either the local language or English, aligning with the language transmitted from the FMC.

Versatile Connectivity Options: The ConBox 2023 LCD goes beyond its core functionality by providing multiple connection ports. While it seamlessly connects with the BlueTraker VMS transponder and power supply, it also includes a USB connection port for external computer or peripheral device integration. Furthermore, the inclusion of a CAN interface (expansion port) allows the connection of external sensors or devices, enhancing the versatility and adaptability of the ConBox 2023 LCD.

Efficient Communication with FMC: Fishermen can now communicate seamlessly with the FMC using the ConBox 2023 LCD. The two-way communication capability allows fishermen to send predefined messages from a list, which can be expanded as needed. Simultaneously, the FMC can send short texts to the vessel. All received messages from the FMC are automatically displayed on the LCD screen, accompanied by an audible sound alert, ensuring efficient and timely communication.

Customization and Security Features: Recognizing the diverse needs of our customers, the ConBox 2023 LCD is available in various configurations and can be further customized to meet specific requirements. Additionally, the ConBox incorporates numerous security features to safeguard against tampering or unauthorized access. Tamper-evident security seals, tamper detectors, laser-engraved serial numbers, and mechanically coded security screws ensure the integrity and reliability of the device.

The ConBox 2023 LCD is an exceptional addition to the world of fisheries monitoring. With its advanced functionalities, user-friendly design, and comprehensive display, it sets a new standard for enhancing safety and efficiency at sea. Fishermen can now rely on the ConBox 2023 LCD to streamline their operations, ensure timely distress reporting, and stay connected with the FMC. Embrace the future of fisheries monitoring with the ConBox 2023 LCD and experience unparalleled capabilities in one innovative device.

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