BlueTraker SSAS solution agility

Slovenia, 23rd June 2015 – The order of 20 BlueTraker® SSAS sets came from AMI Maritime, system integrator from Singapore. The order consists of a BlueTraker® SSAS terminal (the only approved for A4 area) with integral GPS / communication modem and processor, BlueTraker® mounting bracket, power supply / data communication cabling, function control / junction box, security alert buttons and security alert buttons’ cabling. A service and training agreement is also signed, and will be realized by AMI Maritime at different location all over the Southeast Asia region and China. The initial order was installed on vessels in Q1/2015.

“We have partnered up with EMA because of their leadership in the VMS technology and our belief that they have the necessary technology, experience, reliability and overall strength that it takes to fullfil the needs of AMI Maritime customers,” said Kenny Zhu, CEO at AMI Maritime.

Although initially ordered quantity is symbolic when compared to EMA’s average orders, this didn’t stop EMA to do additional customization as per customer’s requirements using BlueTraker®’s versatile technology. EMA’s capabilities to deliver on small and big orders, and treating every customer no matter of the size or geographical location with seriousness and commitment, proves EMA’s agility, which goes hand in hand with current global economic state.

”It is a pleasure to announce that our BlueTraker® technology is now available on yet another market and region,” says Zlatko Mastnak, Chief Executive Officer of EMA. “AMI Maritime is an excellent example where smartly engineered technology resulting in lower operating expenses shows benefits when compared to competitive solutions that are focused only on small investment part. EMA is very satisfied to have found in AMI Maritime an excellent partner and to be part of the AMI Maritime development activities in implementing maritime security and safety solutions.”With this sale of BlueTraker® SSAS solution to AMI Maritime, EMA reached a milestone regarding geographic coverage of its equipment, by penetration in the Southeast Asia region. EMA’s advanced and proven technology played a vital role in winning a new customer.

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