EMA demonstrates High Availability Cluster solution to its Telematics Data Server

The EMA Group, the world manufacturing leader in marine electronics and Vessel Monitoring Solution (VMS) provider, announced the addition of high availability cluster solution to Telematics Data Server – Cluster TDS.

Slovenia, 1st July 2015 – The EMA Group today announced Telematics Data Server (TDS) high-availability cluster solution providing a unique opportunity to take advantage of new Information Technology innovations in order to meet business requirements. To support these business needs, it delivered cluster solution that can take advantage of shared resources. It is flexible so it can quickly scale up and down quickly to meet variable business needs, and minimizes downtime and failures while maximizes cost efficiency. EMA Group has combined its previous expertise in building and operating highly reliable information technology solutions with its experiences in delivering market leading BlueTraker® VMS to develop a new approach for improving management and performance of fishery: the TDS Cluster.

”High availability of service is one of the key expectations of our customers,” says Zlatko Mastnak, Chief Executive Officer of EMA. “The implementation of a high available cluster solution of Telematics Data Server in private or public cloud is one of our ongoing strategic priorities. With TDS cluster solution, we are providing customers with a flexible, affordable, and highly available solution that fulfills the need of the most demanding requirements for availability of service.”

With this demonstration of BlueTraker® solution, EMA ensure that they can offer flexible, effective and easy-to-set-up solutions able to support service business continuity using standard-based third party solutions available on the market. For more information about EMA marine electronics products and solutions visit http://www.www.bluetraker.com.

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