Swift dispatch – Sri Lanka maritime security Project

It’s been almost a year since we embarked on one of our most significant projects, which included signing a contract introducing a comprehensive Vessel Monitoring System and contributing to Sri Lanka’s maritime security.
The contract stipulates the dispatching of 4200 transponders over 36 months. The project officially had its start in the summer of 2021, and it includes notable attendees and organizations such as IOM (International Organization for Migration), DFAR (Sri Lankan’s Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources), and other governmental bodies.
So far, we are proud to announce we have dispatched over 1000 sets of our BlueTraker VMS system equipment.
The last shipping amounted to 300 sets. We worked around the clock all weekend in order to catch a tight deadline. Luckily, we not only managed to meet the deadline, but we were able to finish it ahead of time!
Our dedicated employees worked long and hard to dispatch the ordered number of devices, which shows true dedication and team spirit, yet proves that amazing things can happen if we all chip in.
With this project, Sri Lanka fishing fleets receive multiple benefits such as a tool for monitoring “fishing effort”, a future-proof VMS system, the latest technology, and added functionalities, such as a permit to export to the EU, faster crises intervention, and damage mitigation.
Furthermore, Sri Lanka’s fishers will enjoy the extra benefits of safety (alert button) and an optional function of real-time vessel tracking for vessel owners and crew families.

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