Standing the test of time – BlueTraker working impeccably

We recently received a batch of BlueTraker onboard hardware as part of our Lifetime Extension Program (LEP), through which we gave our clients the opportunity to exchange their old yet still operational BlueTraker devices with new, state-of-the-art ones. These “old” devices worked faithfully and relentlessly for our clients and had passed the test of durability and time, as they werein use for more than seven years and are still fully operational.
Namely, the LEP program was initiated by having sustainability and reliability first in mind. That is why we enable our clients to replace their ageing equipment with modern and contemporary technology incorporated in the latest VMS, LRIT, SSAS, and other products.
The LEP program has been highly successful as of valuable customer feedback and the state of devices, which exhibit (some) signs of wear and tear after being used for that time, yet still operate according to standard. Their electronics are in pristine condition, and the casing is still in good shape. We are proud of the fact that our products have performed so well despite being exposed to the daily maritime environment and its unpredictable weather conditions.
As mentioned before, the LEP program is an ongoing project which adheres to a strict environmental policy. Thinking green and being environmentally friendly are core values of our company. Finally, the ageing devices face last steps of the product lifecycle, which can be twofold. One of the two steps is to make sure that most parts are suitably decommissioned for possible re-use of raw materials. The other is that we take special care and respect safety measures by providing our products with suitable disposal. Said so, we try our best to make the one that is non-threatening to the environment and minimizes carbon footprint.
We look forward to receiving back more of our devices and checking their condition and their components to design even more superior products in the future.

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