BlueTraker expands vessel monitoring capabilities with “Octopus 10” touch screen tablet computer and its pre-installed applications for fisheries

For years fishermen have relied upon basic tools to ply their trade. Although  nowadays larger  fishing  boats  usually   have   bridges   with advanced technology and computer systems that are in charge of navigation, fish finding, meteorology and everything in between. With smaller vessels seemingly nothing has changed for decades, due to the hefty price tag of the advanced equipment. This has changed with the arrival of BlueTraker Octopus 10 tablet computer which displays important vessel data and other information that are crucial for the captain of the vessel

Designed to be tough and rugged, Octopus 10 touch screen terminal is ideal for use in marine environments. The latest technology terminals have been designed for ease of use, with Out-of-the-Box Plug and Play approach, which makes BlueTraker VMS on-boardsystem ready to be used without additional interfacing, modifications, and testing.

So what is Octopus 10 and how can you benefit from it?

Octopus 10 is an advanced tablet computer with pre-installed applications for fishermen. With advantages for both Fisheries Monitoring Centres (FMCs) and Fishermen alike, let’s explore what it offers for each of them.


Investing in Octopus 10 computers allows FMCs to better manage their fishing fleets contributing to more sustainably managed fisheries. Fisheries landscapes are constantly changing so FMCs need to continually adjust and adapt their policies as they react to national and international policy changes, catch report data, weather reports, spawning seasons and many other factors.

Direct link to their fishermen

‘Push’ notifications can be transmitted directly to the Octopus 10. Ensure fishermen are up-to-date and can be held accountable when FMCs make quota  changes, zone adjustments.

More data, more quickly

Fishing catch data can be received more quickly. Streamline the data flowing back to the FMC. Octopus 10 allows FMCs to receive fisheries data electronically allowing decisions about fisheries practices to be made more swiftly.

More accurate fishing data

Paper reports can be prone to errors at the point of entry (by the fishermen) and also reentry (by the FMCs). Octopus 10’s simple drop down menus removes the need for Fisheries Monitoring Centers to struggle reading paper catch reports.

Geo-tagging of data

This feature allows FMCs to receive location data on where the catches were made, allowing them to make better decisions on  where  to impose  on catch zones.

Purpose built technology

Octopus 10 is specially designed for harsh maritime environments. With a marine grade anodized aluminum housing, outdoor readable screen and rated at IP65 for water and dust protection, Octopus 10 is more than capable of operating in these inhospitable maritime environments.

An FMC officer commented:

Having Octopus 10s on board all our fishing fleets means that receiving catch data is now a straightforward and easy process.

Collating all the data can now be done in five minutes, whereas with the old paper report system it would have taken us a full day of laborious work. Octopus 10 allows us to make faster decisions about which areas to close or quotas to adjust. We can also broadcast this to fishermen with a few clicks. It has provided a huge boost to sustainable fisheries goals.


And for fishermen, say ‘Hello’ to Octopus 10 – your new crew mate. Octopus 10 aims to level the playing field for smaller vessels (6 – 24 metres) allowing them to compete on the same technology allowing them to work more efficiently and effectively giving them an extra  edge over their competition.

Vessel information in one place

Vessel data such as position and speed as well fuel level, engine temperature, bilge pump sensor and other data is now available in one  place. Save the latitude and longitude of your favorite fishing locations so you can return back there, time and time again.

Messaging everywhere

With OceanMail – Messages can be sent and received using the BlueTraker VMS satellite connection from any point on the globe. Stay up to date with the latest rules and regulations from your FMC: Quota adjustments/Zone closures and stay in touch with loved ones.

Complete your catch reports electronically

Save yourself hours and hours of time by using eLogbook. Reduce mistakes and data replication with   drop-down menus and autocomplete categories and save yourself from any hassle by simply sending it back to your FMC electronically.

Captain Mullet, commented that:

After installing Octopus 10 about 6 months ago it has proven itself to be a very useful onboard tool. Having Octopus 10 means that I am able to see at a quick glance my location and vessel data in one place so navigation and maintenance is not a concern anymore.

The elogbook is so simple and user-friendly. With the straightforward menu approach, I was able  to  quickly understand the process of entering the data – saving myself huge amounts of time and frustration from completing the pages and pages of paper catch reports that I had to do previously. However, my favorite is the messaging app, as it allows me to feel part  of  my  family’s  activities  even  when  I’m   not there!

Learn more how can having Octopus 10 on the vessel benefit FMC and the Fishermen.

Download Octopus 10 Brochure HERE

Octopus 10 provides huge value for both the fishermen and the FMC, so if you feel it’s time to modernize your approach to sustainable fisheries then get in contact with [email protected], or your local distributor to talk about the BlueTraker Octopus 10 advanced features.

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