SatAIS innovation supported by AIS HUB

EMA Group and AIS HUB combine Terrestrial, GPRS and Satellite vessel positions to offer worldwide fleet tracking.  You can keep using existing VT Explorer application you have been using until now.

Current industry needs
Shipping companies and ship owners expect high data availability as they are being pushed by their customers to provide complete track of their shipping services to clients requiring minimized shipping costs. Special purpose working boat owners feel the most pressure as operating hours do not come cheap.

Terrestrial, GPRS and Satellite data merging
Adding a dedicated BlueTraker® SatAIS transponder next to existing AIS device on board offers you the possibility to use existing terrestrial tracking when inside VHF coverage, GPRS when in coastal area with no VHF coverage and Satellite tracking on open seas.

Simple and straight forward
In order to do this smoothly, we have upgraded your VT Explorer application you are using, so there is no need for IT infrastructure changes. BlueTraker® SatAIS transponder installation only demands a simple power supply connection any local maintenance provider can perform. So you are up and running in the fastest time possible. We will take care of the data to be served to you.

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