National Geographic Endurance: still going strong

Two years ago, in January 2020, BlueTraker SSAS Arctic was installed on The National Geographic Endurance, a truly remarkable ship. It boasts a sleek lounge with a bar, the latest sports amenities, an impressive yoga studio and outdoor hot tubs, and spa. It provides luxurious perks to its passengers as it caters to budding content creators, who can appreciate cutting-edge amenities for showing films, slideshows, and presentations. There is even a designated photo workshop area! Talking about letting your creative juices flow. This impressive vessel accommodates 126 guests and has 69 spacious cabins. It specialises in offering exotic expeditions to Antarctica, Greenland, and Svalbard. So next time you want to check how the Polar bears are doing or see the Northern lights, think about joining them on one of their tours.

We are pleased to say the ship is boding well despite constantly being exposed to severe arctic weather conditions. Our BlueTraker SSAS Arctic and its unique double shell housing can function seamlessly despite the freezing cold temperatures outside. In this way, the ship’s crew can be at ease and tranquilly sail through the testing environment of the A4 sea area, as the BlueTraker provides a secure way of alerting a flag operator and professional SSAS management in case of a possible ship in distress scenario. Therefore, we wish the ship continues drifting safely on its future voyages with our BlueTraker SSAS Arctic.


You can find out more about The Endurance and its upcoming trips on:

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