Mein Schiff 5 use BlueTraker® LRIT terminal to monitor its voyages

Long range identification and tracking has become crucial for large cruising ships like Mein Schiff 5 (owned by German travel company TUI Cruise), to accurately track the vessel movement. Rich data collected by BlueTraker® lrit are sent for further analysis by APR (Automatic Position Report), which gives a fleet operator the ability to closely monitor in real time vessel activities and analyze the data with their own software.

Accurate positions are essential as the vessel will often have to react dynamically to changes in weather and other vessels on the sea. BlueTraker® lrit pre-scheduled position report feature come into use as the fleet operator is able to see certain waypoints and whether the vessel is on its scheduled time frame. The fleet operator can send in real-time on-demand position report polling to gain positional reports whenever they want.

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Mein Schiff 5 started its journey in July and will be sailing until October 2016, following North Europe and the Mediterranean. Vessel actual tracking position can be monitored on website:

Mein Schiff 5 will spend summer operating varied cruises to the Baltic, Norway, Northern and Western Europe. The Caribbean is planned for the winter that’s the reason why the vessel is equipped with a BlueTraker lrit terminal which operates in temperatures ranging between -25°C to 70°C.

For cruise ships that travel in the winter, BlueTraker® lrit Arctic version is the right choice as the unique features of BlueTraker® Arctic product range allow capabilities such as cold starting at temperatures as low as -40°C and operating in the extreme temperature ranges of the Arctic as low as -50°C.

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