Historic achievement for BlueTraker!

The year 2022 was a busy one for the BlueTraker team. Despite the current global electronic components’ shortage, we are about to complete this year’s target of shipping 3,229 sets of BlueTraker VMS hardware for the Sri Lankan fishing fleet. Each set has been extensively tested for flawless operation in harsh marine environments. Our reliable partner in Sri Lanka has ensured us in the past that all installations on their fishing fleet vessels are made to the highest marine industry standards.

December 5th, 2022, will be remembered for another historic milestone of BlueTraker. We made history by shipping 16 Euro-pallets containing no less than 1,040 sets of BlueTraker hardware in a single shipment! An additional 348 BlueTraker sets are to follow in a shipment to Sri Lanka before Christmas this year.

We are incredibly proud of these achievements, which were made possible by the hard work, passion, and dedication of our extraordinary teams at EMA in Slovenia, and our partner Zindhu in Colombo. They worked tirelessly to achieve this historic success.

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