Fugro Testing EMA Group’s New Solution SatAIS

EMA has developed an innovative solution for worldwide fleet tracking, using existing AIS applications –SatAIS. In the begining of July, Fugro (www.fugro.com) came out with SatAIS test results from their area.

SatAIS – Innovation Supported by Marine Traffic

The EMA Group offers an innovative solution to track fleets worldwide using existing AIS applications. A number of vessels are required to be tracked constantly throughout several different voyages around the world, including the A4 area, outside the normal AIS VHF tracking capability.

The new SatAIS solution offers AIS signal upgrade, by adding a satellite transponder next to existing AIS device on board. If needed, satellite transponder can work in sync with the existing AIS device, to serve as a hybrid AIS (VHF) and a satellite transponder having the capability of being switched from VHF to satellite when out of normal range of VHF reception.

The satellite transponder offers vessel tracking anywhere in the world via the Iridium satellite constellation, forwarding the position data to Marine Traffic.  Real time display of the vessel position is provided via a web browser using the Marine Traffic portal.  Marine Traffic is a viewing application receiving and displaying the AIS signals in real time from multiple sources and makes the data available to general public.

For more information about the SatAIS solution, please visit solution overview.

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