BlueTraker® satellite terminal enabled extreme sailor Miran Tepeš to keep touch with his family

Miran Tepeš, former Slovenian ski jumper, member of the Slovenian skijumping team, winner of the silver medal at the Olympics in 1988, has started another challenging journey of his life. He decided to sail around the world using his Y-40 sailing boat, named ‘Skokica.’

Celje, Slovenia – 18.11.2012 – Miran Tepeš decided to use BlueTraker® satellite terminal as part of the equipment to support his journey around the world. between the most crucial pieces of equipment, BlueTraker satellite terminal supported contact with his family.

Following his geographical position using MyBlueTraker mapping application, the loved ones knew exactly where their belowed father is currently sailing. if there was a need, they were able to poll his current position, regardless of the reporting interval.

This sailing trip was comprised of two seperate atatempts, each covering half of the globe. The most challenging part of all was the most southern tip of South America. Even there, at this close position to pole, BlueTraker terminal kept the connection with Iridium satellite network, even in the most demanding canyons Chile and Argentina have to offer.

Miran finished his sailing trip in November 2012, successfully arrived to Slovenia. You are still able to check the last part of Miran’s trip using MyBlueTraker demo account. Yo can also visit Miran Tepeš’s website for more details about his activities.

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