BlueTraker new technology

Wireless sensor network (WSN) for fisheries has proved to be very successful step in fisheries monitoring. While launching pilot project with Croatia fishing fleet we are presenting WSN solution in Norway on Nor-Fishing exhibition with our partner RADIO HOLLAND.

    BlueTraker new technology presented at Nor-Fishing 2016

    At Nor-Fishing we unveiled both the Wireless Gateway and GearTag products which are part of the our new Wireless Sensor Network product family. People visiting the stand were able to see firsthand how accurately the devices were able to count the winch rotations and direction.

    The BlueTraker® stand was busy with visitors interested to see the next generation of fisheries monitoring solutions.

    BlueTraker’s representative Toni Avžner commented “There was a real buzz around the stand, with people genuinely interested about how the introduction of the ’Internet of Things’ could improve fisheries monitoring in the future’

    IoT for Fisheries gearing up the Croatian fishing fleet
    The new technology is currently deployed on vessels in the Croatian fishing fleet and is helping the Croatian FMC (Fisheries Monitoring Centre) to gain a greater understanding of their fishing fleet’s activities.

    Mein Schiff 5 Cruise Ship uses BlueTraker technology

    Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) systems are a requirement from the International Maritime Organization (IMO) for ships that are subject to the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS).

    This requirement includes all passenger ships such as Mein Schiff 5 which is owned by TUI cruises. However, TUI and Mein Schiff are doing something that is slightly different to what the IMO perhaps had in mind when they introduced the regulation.

    Mein Schiff 5 is taking the information from its BlueTraker LRIT system and using it for the benefit for its passengers and future passengers to see precisely where they are on the high seas! Through combining the tracking information that is sent every hour they are able to display the precise movement of their vessel on the seas. It’s certainly an innovative idea and one that is sure to delight their passengers. It will be interesting to see if other companies follow suit?

    With areas, such as the Northwest Passage opening up, there is undoubtedly going to be more cruise companies considering the possibility of sailing through. If this does happen then the only choice for an LRIT is the BlueTraker LRIT Arctic which is designed to withstand the cold extremes that the area experience. It will be interesting to see whether BlueTraker information will be broadcasting from there?

    Interested in meeting with us
    We are going fishing at Pacific Marine Expo!

    BlueTraker is currently looking for new partners in North America. So if that is you, then come and see us! We will be exhibiting to Pacific Marine Expo from NOV 17-19th 2016 in Seattle, WA and displaying our new technology BlueTraker Wireless Sensor Network, so if you are looking for innovative, forward thinking company then get in touch or come and visit us.

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