BlueTraker installations on Polar Pioneer expedition ship

As the weather patterns in the Antarctic region are primarily dominated by the succession of depressions passing continually through the Drake Passage, there are significant variations in the weather conditions that need to be encountered. It is critical that the safety of expedition ships is ensured in case of unexpected and dangerous weather conditions in the region.

BlueTraker® Arctic and SSAS Arctic products have been installed on Polar Pioneer expedition ship, operated by the Australian cruise company Aurora Expeditions. 

To provide better security mechanism for unpredictable weather situations over Antarctic region, Polar Pioneer expedition ship has been equipped with BlueTraker® Arctic transponder, to enable daily automatic location reporting via Iridium Satellite network and BlueTraker® SSAS Arctic device, providing IMO mandatory Alert Button functionality to send a rescue request message via Iridium Satellite network in case of life threatening situations.

Both devices are equipped with Arctic upgrade kit and offering pole-to-pole signal coverage

Optional Arctic kit upgrade was embedded into housing of both devices, allowing terminals to survive under Earth’s Polar region conditions.

BlueTraker® Arctic terminals enable operation in the extreme cold environments of Arctic and Antarctic seas. Both terminals resist accelerated cooling in extreme environments, successfully battling the effect of arctic winds on exposed electronic equipment.

About Polar Pioneer expedition ship

Polar Pioneer is an ice-strengthened research vessel built in Finland in 1985, with excellent reputation for polar expedition cruising. The ship was first built as an ice-strengthened research vessel and was refurbished in 2001 for commercial use. The ship’s main advantages are her strength, maneuverability and size, allowing her to access areas where larger vessels can’t reach.

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