Maritime Boundary Lines & Geozones Services (MLGS) quote request

Maritime Boundary Lines & Geozones Services (MLGS) quote request

1. Information on the Client

2. The intended use of the data

3. Coordinate reference system of your data (select a coordinate system)

4. Type of input data and format

Select one type of data format. If you have more sources, please provide separate order form. Commonly used formats are bolded.

We prefer the most common used ESRI Shapefile, therefore we provided Esri Shapefile Template for both: geozones and boundary lines.

The maximum size of each file is 500 MB. Due to security reasons, please compress your files into a <strong>.zip</strong> file/s for uploading.

5. Georeferencing data

6. Data quality

In case you know, specify the exact accuracy/spatial resolution (in meters).
*Simplification is used to minimize storage on BlueTraker devices.

7. Geozone attribute data

Each geozone has some mandatory and optional attributes. Your shapes, provided in one of optional formats must contain these attributes. If this is not possible (e.g., in case of raster or paper data or some vector formats), you must send them separately in Excel spreadsheet. For this purpose, we provided Excel worksheet template.
Allowed files are .zip, .xls, .xlsx .

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