Arctic Shipping

Due to global warming, new Artic passages are opening up, long-sought after by explorers and shipping companies as a short cut between the continents.

The latest BlueTraker® terminal generation brought many enhancements frequently requested by customers, one of them being enhanced BlueTraker®Arctic platform enabling various terminal models to be upgraded:

  • BlueTraker® Arctic;
  • BlueTraker® VMS Arctic;
  • BlueTraker® LRIT Arctic;
  • BlueTraker® SSAS Arctic.

Each of the models are purpose built for the special demands of this tough environment and are a new approach in comparison to the current devices on the market. BlueTraker equipment is able to support the vessels Arctic and Antarctic ambitions. Data collected by these terminals is transmitted to Telematics Data Service (TDS) communication server where it can be processed and represented in a report form or it can be forwarded to any Third Party where it can be analyzed further.

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The BlueTraker® Arctic product range includes various terminal's hardware and firmware upgrades including:

  • Preinstalled heating element adds additional +15 °C heating power to the inner housing temperature, thus preventing this temperature to drop under –40 °C when outside cold sinks to -50 or more.
  • Double shell-ventilated housing combats accelerated cooling in windy environments.
  • Smart thermostatic temperature control enables successful “Cold State Power-up” at temperatures unthinkable before.
  • Special, arctic grade power supply cable ensures flexing and reliable operation even in severe cold environments.
  • Carefully selected stainless steel (EN1.4571) is used for the mounting accessory which is capable to withstand mechanical stress and vibration down to -55 °C and more.
  • Certified for operating temperatures down to – 55 °C.
  • Smart Firmware, specially designed for arctic operations provides safe thermostatic control without electromagnetic interference (EMI).
  • All embedded electronic components used in Arctic product range are selected for the lowered operating temperature range.



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