BlueTraker® SSAS Arctic

World’s only SSAS terminal engineered for Arctic voyage! Cold start capable down to -55° Celsius!

The BlueTraker® SSAS Arctic transponder is a self-contained unit with pre-programmed tracking and security alerting functionalities. The unique double-shell housing with a ventilated layer between the two shells gives it an added protection against low temperatures and winds.

To survive severe Arctic conditions a distributed web of heating elements throughout the electronic circuitry keeps the terminal operational down to minus 55°C… All electronic and mechanical components specifically selected for low temperature operation!

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The BlueTraker® SSAS Arctic kit includes:

  • BlueTraker® SSAS Arctic terminal with integral GPS/antenna/communication modem and processor;
  • BlueTraker® mounting bracket;
  • BlueTraker® main cable set for power supply and data communication;
  • ConBox SSAS;
  • 2 or more security alert buttons;
  • Security alert buttons’ cabling.

On board security alert systems are governed by various internationally agreed rules and regulations as promulgated by the International Maritime Organisation – IMO, as recommended by its’ associated sub-committees, principally the Maritime Safety Committee (MSC).


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